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About US

Pulido Prep was founded on the premise that there is a better way for students to apply their conventional education to the distinct challenges of standardized tests. We believe that reading comprehension and verbal skills represent the core to success in every aspect of higher education and our programs work to reinforce those skills. Our alumni graduate as individuals who are better prepared to tackle their exams, schoolwork and future careers.

What WE Offer

Learning moments that last a lifetime

We provide short and long term solutions to the challenges students face today by combining proven strategies with foundation strengthening lessons.  Our "Rapid Smarts" program encourages creativity and outside the box thinking while keeping students engaged and immersed. In short, we don't just teach to the tests. We teach the skills great testers have.


Personalized Attention

Your best choice for your best scores. The meetings are scheduled to fit your calendar and the lessons are tailored to your learning style. This program is best for students who have busy lifestyles, specific areas of need and require significant score improvements.



Dynamic Setting

If you have two or more students who want to work together, this is the option for you! This program is best for students who already have a small group in mind and would like to share the total cost of preparation.


Convenience at your Fingertips

Perhaps you're too far away to meet in person, too busy to commute or just prefer the online experience. This program is best for students who want all the benefits of our pedagogy delivered via the power of the internet.

Contact us  |  Tel: 949-400-4952

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What our customers say

"Allan possesses such a huge breadth of knowledge, a calm demeanor, the ability to answer any question and experience in determining exactly what your child will need.


From the moment they sat down, Allan knew exactly what he needed and delivered brilliantly.  To say I was beyond impressed is an understatement.


You simply can not go wrong with Allan on your side.  ​He is truly the best of the best.​"

-Susan U.

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