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Do What You Say You're Going to Do

As a proud homeowner, I've certainly had the "pleasure" of experiencing the dreaded home renovation project.

Remodeling our kitchen, bathroom and backyard have collectively taken off approximately 7 years of my life and flashes of the various mishaps still ring vividly in my mind's eye: language barriers, workers not showing up and the general feeling that I was always at the mercy of whatever decisions were made NOT by me.

While test prep is certainly not the same as installing granite counter tops, one could say that they fall under the same umbrella category of the service industry. Both in testing and education, the student experience is far more important since we don't sell tangible products (would you like to purchase a box of college or a 6 pack of Bio homework today?).

Looking back at the contractors I dealt with and I LIKED, I found it fascinating that the victory conditions I placed on those experiences were really low. In fact, you'll often find that the highest compliment a contractor can be paid is:

"They did what they said they were going to do."

That premise won't win any company major awards, but I also marveled at the frank simplicity when I spent a little more time thinking about it.

In our industry, here's how that translates:

1. Show up on time. Time is the most valuable currency in our world and we must treat it that way.

2. Communicate openly. Updating both students and parents with honest, complete assessments is key in managing expectations and setting up educational plans.

3. And above all else, Improve our students' scores. This is the crux of why you hire us and it's the driving force for everything we do.

We realize these may seem rather modest and they certainly don't include things like market share, geographic coverage or click rates.

We simply believe that when we take care of you, these things take care of themselves.

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